Buylist Instructions

NOT ACCEPTING buylist submissions before mid 2024.  
Sorry for the inconvenience.  I will be catching up on a backlog of trade in's for at least 6 months and cannot accept additional trades however the buylist feature will remain active and you are welcome to lookup cards to compare my prices.  If you would like to inquire about trading after mid 2024 feel free to email me anytime at:

IMPORTANT *Before you start* 

Please limit your buylists to no more than 200 cards with different names per list as the system seems to struggle, and in some cases fail to load, with larger lists.  You are welcome to trade in as many cards as you like, just submit multiple smaller lists and you can still post all the cards together.

This is a new small store run by a card enthusiast.   I have limited means initially for cash trade-ins.  If you think you might have cards to trade in for more than $50 cash please email me first to discuss the trade. 

I will be offering much lower cash value in the first few months of operation and higher store credit - so please consider trading for credit and picking up other cards that you need :)

I will not be accepting any cards from newly released sets until the product has been available to buy in NZ for a week. 

I will buy old MTG Player's guides!  Any guide from any set and in good condition can be traded in for $0.20 cash or $1.00 store credit.

I will trade store credit for sealed MTG products and accessories!  Email to find out more or arrange a trade in.

I will pay cash or store credit for ANY magic the gathering singles. Use the buylist OR ask us about sending in any bulk.  I will sort and price your cards for you! 

I reserve the right to decline any trade-in.

If you are ready here are the steps:

Step 1:  Create an Account

Step 2:  Log in and click here: buylist 

Step 3: Search for and add your cards.

Step 4:  Choose cash or store credit and submit your buylist.

Cards must be received by Magic Magpie within 10 days of acceptance of buylist submission or may be subject to price changes. 

Alternatively if you don't want to input your bulk cards into a buylist you can send me your unwanted cards and I will sort and price them and make you an offer.   If you do not accept the offer you will need to cover the return postage.


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